BUILT 12.2018

Article Review: Theoretical Concepts of Crime and Practices in Urban Planning and Design Process for Safe Urban Life Download
Author (s): Mohammad Ali Haider and Pawinee Iamtrakul  
DOI: -  
Measurement and Simulation of Indoor Thermal Environment of Residential Building in Chengdu of China Download
Author (s): Jinlong Ouyang, Wenshen Mo, Lingxi Zhao and Pawinee Iamtrakul  
DOI: -  
Study on Bangkok its Urban Heat Island effect and the Relationship with Electricity Consumption using Geoinformatics Download
Author (s): Jariya Yomsatiankul, Sanwit Iabchoon and Pariwate Varnakovida  
DOI: -  
Low-Cost Innovative Prototype of Automatically Adjustable Sun Louvers Download
Author (s): Prittipoen Lopkerd and Srisak Phattanawasin  
DOI: -  
The Attitude in Urban Planning of Thai Urban Public Space: A Case Study of Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand Download
Author (s): Chompoonut Kongphunphin, Pawinee Iamtrakul, and Manat Srivanit  
DOI: -  
Book Review: Quantitative Methods and Socio-Economic Applications in GIS Download
Author (s): Nattapon Mahavik  
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