BUILT 2. 2013
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Field CO2 Monitoring of Rooms with Different Air-Tightness Classes and Ventilation Systems View Abstract
Author (s): Parinee Srisuwan and Jatuwat Varodompun
Comparing the Efficiency of Urban Components in Proximity to Transit Service Area View Abstract
Author (s): Pawinee Iamtrakul, Phasakorn Satichob and Kazunori Hokao  
Effects of Surface Treatments on Formation and Removal of Biofilms: Some Preliminary Findings View Abstract
Author (s): Phanida Saikhwan  
Environmental Impact Assessment for Typical and Innovative Housing
Construction Materials in Thailand
View Abstract
Author (s): Pimonmart Wankanapon, Sumavalee Chindapol and Chalermwat Tantasavasdi  
Structural Health Monitoring for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Management View Abstract
Author (s): Sarah Dalton, Sez Atamturktur and Hsein Juang  
Potential of Thai Coconut Wood as an Alternative Structural Material View Abstract
Author (s): Supreedee Rittironk  
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